Cook at Home

The tasty food products you will absolutely love.
Cook at Home products were designed to bring flavor, convenience and versatility to your daily life. Inspired by the Greek food company Provil, the Cook at Home product line, will give an answer to a daily question that troubles most of us, “what to cook today?”
With the motto “Homemade Cooking”, Cook at Home products are the solution for easily prepared freshly cooked homemade food. Passion for taste and love for homemade food summarizes Cook at Home’s philosophy. The food should be enjoyable, satisfy all our senses and offer pleasure in our everyday lives.
Cook at Home, were designed to “awaken all the senses” of consumers and help them create beautiful memories with their loved ones around a table. Because food brings us together.
Through a wide range of products such as meat and seafood sauces, complete mixes, marinades, chutneys, seasonings, pasta sauces and many more, Cook at Home products, are the quick solution, that will add flavor and aroma to your cooking. They form the basis for adding your own touch and inspiration on the daily table. Discover the authentic and familiar flavors of Cook at Home products and create freshly cooked meals, that all your loved ones will simply adore.

A short story

The Greek company Provil has been committed for decades in offering the best and most delicious products to its customers. Of the very few Greek companies with its own Research and Development department, Provil is able to design and produce products, that are characterized by safety, flavor, aroma, convenience and inspiration. The company’s experience in the food industry, both in Greece and abroad, as well as its’ deep knowledge around food and flavor, led Provil to design Cook at Home products. What’s the brand’s mission? Το help contemporary consumers prepare fresh, homemade and delicious food on a daily basis and with little effort. With Cook at Home, Provil believes that everyone can now have delicious variety on the daily family table.
Visit the official Provil site to learn more about the company.